Wrapping Up Mental Health Awareness Month at Holiday Health Care

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month and the Holiday HR team celebrated all month long!

Throughout the month, our HR team organized different pop-ups, drawings, and initiatives all focused on mental health. One focus was, “Did you do something that brought you joy today?” Maybe your daily moment of joy is exercising, catching up with a friend, or simply choosing to have a more affirmative mindset. The display included this free printable as a reminder to check in with your mental health each day.

Additionally, our HR team rounded with staff to ensure they were aware of the perks of working at Holiday. We offer a wellness plan through our insurance that rewards points for daily healthy habits, participation in challenges, and more. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards, items in their shop, or even donated to a good cause.

They also distributed information about our employee assistance program which offers confidential counseling services to our staff.

We hope our staff continues to find a daily moment of joy and prioritize their mental health all year long!

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