Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

Care of the spirit. Our spirit is essentially who we are and is that which gives meaning to life. It refers to the universal human need for love, hope, relatedness, value, and dignity.

Our foundation of Spiritual Care at Holiday Healthcare is to help people find awareness, meaning and purpose. Spiritual Care differs from person to person. This support offers an opportunity to celebrate one’s faith, develop a deeper awareness of spiritual strength, and discover possibility for growth.

Ministry at Holiday Healthcare is our mission. We recognize the importance of spirituality in daily life and in the overall well-being of our residents, our families and staff. Since our founding, it has been our mission to support our residents, our families and staff not only in their physical and emotional needs, but also in their spiritual needs as well.

Faithfulness is at the center of all we do. As an organization and ministry of faith, we provide Spiritual Support to All Faiths through a comprehensive range of spiritual and pastoral care programs. We accomplish this through our support staff members and compassionate volunteers.

Our Chaplain personally meets and serves those in need of support, questions, counseling and prayer. When requested we provide coordination with pastors, religious leaders and others in the community to ensure our residents, our families and staff have access to the spiritual care and guidance they may need.

Realizing peace may be found in our rituals and traditions, we provide bible study, singing, devotions, visitations, and worship services through our Activities Department. There are many opportunities for spiritual growth for every resident regardless of religious affiliation. We aim to provide ongoing support for your life-long spiritual journey and life transitions.

To contact us for more information about spiritual support offered, please call 812-429-1603.