Celebrating Jennifer Phillip’s 30-Year Anniversary

On April 14, Jennifer Phillips celebrated her 30-year work anniversary at the Heritage Center. What an accomplishment!

Jennifer is a second-generation nurse coming from a family of nurses. She started as a candy striper when she was in middle and high school, later becoming a CNA at 16. She knew she was going to pursue a career in nursing because she loved caring for people.

When Jennifer graduated from nursing school, she wanted to work at the Heritage Center, but they were only hiring part-time. Soon she was offered a full-time position and felt honored to work for Holiday Health Care.

Jennifer started as a nurse on the floor, then was promoted to second shift supervisor. Later she worked as a unit manager, compliance nurse, assistant unit director, infection control nurse, and wound nurse.

Today, Jennifer is an MDS coordinator. In her role, she is responsible for gathering information from all departments (nursing, dietary, therapy, etc.) and establishing the care plan for residents. MDS is the “hub” of information and ensures that the resident’s wants, needs, and goals are documented.

Here’s what Jennifer’s teammates said about working with her:

“She helps cover the schedule, even on the weekends, just to help residents.”

“She volunteered and signed up multiple times to work the COVID unit.”

“She loves the residents!”

“She is helpful, knowledgeable, and will bend over backward to help! Genuinely a good person.”

“She is a mentor and is so knowledgeable about the Heritage Center! She’s a go-to person because she takes the time to teach skills when we ask for help.”

“There’s nothing but nice things to say about Jennifer. She’s just one of those people!”

From everyone at Holiday, happy work anniversary, Jennifer! We are thankful for your many years of service and our residents are so lucky to have a nurse like you taking care of them!

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